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Carbon emissions
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Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculation Explanation - Shopping

* How far do you travel to the shops?
Answer multiplied by 2 for return journey, multiplied by emissions per mile for your car.

* How often do you go shopping for food?
Answer multipled by answer to question above to get carbon emissions per week caused by travel to and from the shops

* How many bags of shopping do you buy per week?
Answer multiplied by average weight of shopping bag (figure worked out from weighing bags of shopping and estimates based on this) Answer then multiplied by a factor of 74.5kg of CO2 per tonne of food to account for 500km of lorry travel and 4300km of ship travel

* What percentage of your shopping do you buy via a box scheme?
Answer multiplied by weight of shopping, multiplied by LGV emissions per tonne-km, multiplied by an average distance travelled by delivery vans of approx 12km per delivery. Emissions from transport (ie lorries and ship) for this percentage of your shopping is deducted from your total emissions, as most box schemes sourced food locally.

* What percentage of your shopping is home delivered by a supermarket?
Answer multipled by weight of shopping, LGV emissions per tonne-km and average distance per delivery of 12km as above.

* How much UK food do you eat?
Percentage estimated from answer given - No effort=50%, Some effort=60%, A lot of effort=70% Emissions from ship transport for this percentage of your shopping are deducted from your total emissions.