Effects of CO2
Carbon emissions
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Reductions - Food


  • The average beefeater is responsible for 0.35T of carbon equivalents being emitted each year through methane from cows - you could eat less beef and reduce this. [1]

  • For every cup of water boiled in a kettle, the equivalent of 25 cups of carbon dioxide are released - only boil as much water as you need, don't fill the kettle to the top unless you need to. [2]

  • Covering pans can reduce energy needed to heat the contents by 90%, and thus reduce the carbon being emitted - and it takes you very little effort! [2]

  • Producing meat is energy-intensive - eating more fruit and vegetables could reduce the carbon emitted in producing your food by up to 40%, and it's healthy too. [4]

  • Buying your potatoes from a local market rather than a supermarket could save 0.8T of carbon from being emitted over the course of a year, as local markets tend to sell locally sourced food, meaning less transport and therefore fewer emissions. [3]